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DermCoder® gives you quick access to dermatology-specific CPT® codes, ICD-10 codes, dermatology coding and billing rules, QuickCheck modifier suggestion and verification, Medicare fee schedules, Local Coverage Determination (LCD) policies, J-codes and drug fees, NDC code listing, postoperative periods, multiple surgery reduction rules, MUEs, unit vs. separate line advice, National Correct Coding Initiative bundling rules, and more! DermCoder’s News database keeps you current with coding, billing and compliance news.

Don’t know the code to use? DermCoder can assist by allowing you to search by code or keyword in a code’s description. Having problems applying modifiers correctly? DermCoder's QuickCheck shows you when and where to use modifiers on your claims for better reimbursement and fewer denials!

DermCoder works on any web-enabled device including PCs, Macs, tablets, and smartphones!

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