How do I set DermCoder to show Medicare fees for my local Medicare carrier?

Note: each user needs to do this under their own Username log and password.

1. After logging into DermCoder, click the middle tab towards the upper right of the main DermCoder screen that says “Options”

2. Once the Options screen opens, there will be three blue tabs that are available. One that says Application, one says User, and another that says Notifications. The Application tab opens by default.

3. On the Application tab, to the right of the word Locality, is the Medicare region that is currently being used to calculated your feed. If you have NOT changed this it will say National Average.

4. To change it, click the 'down arrow' or 'drop-down' towards the right of the Locality field and a list will appear. Scroll down and find the Medicare region/locality that matches your practice.

For example, if you are in Atlanta, Georgia, choose the locality that says “Georgia – Atlanta.”

If you have multiple localities in your state, we also display the counties covered by that locality. Choose the one that most closely matches your practice's location.

5. Click the blue ‘Save; button.

6. Click the DermCoder tab towards the upper right of the screen. This always takes you back to the main DermCoder screen.

7. You should see that the Medicare Fees displayed on the right-half of the screen are now showing the Medicare locality you just selected.

Note: DermCoder will permanently REMEMBER these settings for your particular user log-in. You only have to do this once!

Last Modified 6/28/2013 2:41:53 PM