I need to make changes to my account (like a new user), how do I do this?

Some changes can me taken care of by the user, others need to be take care of by technical support.

Changes YOU can make

Do change your password, or email address, simply click the Options tab on the upper right corner of the DermCoder Online screen and then select the User option.

Changes that need to be made by technical support

1. If you need to replace a user with a new one, do not simply register the new person without letting us know afterwards. It will only cause confusion. Either send us an email to Support and we can make the change or register the new person and send us an e-mail immediately afterwards letting us know which user to remove and which user you just registered

2. If you need to change your username, send an email to Support

3. If you need to change your account information (registered company name, phone number, etc., send an email to Support

There is never a charge for replacing an existing user with a new user, or for making changes to your current users.

Last Modified 2/7/2013 10:35:27 AM