What features are included in DermCoder?


  • CPT codes, descriptions

  • Medicare fees for all localties

  • Coding and billing rules

  • ICD-9/ICD-10 codes, descriptions, and cross-walking

  • Correct coding initiative tables

  • QuickCheck - Modifier coding tool - adds 7 different modifiers on up to 10 codes with a single click!

  • Drug codes (J-codes) and NDC product codes

  • Ambulatory Surgical Center fee schedule

  • Clinical Lab fee schedule

  • Print/Export data

  • EOMB remittance advice codes

  • Taxonomy codes


  • Eliminate the need for costly resource books and manuals.

  • Only the dermatology information you need - We do the hard work for you.

  • Saves time - quick and accurate

  • Updated continuously

  • Works on any platform (PCs, Mac, Tablet, or smartphone)

  • 24-hour access from anywhere with an internet connection

  • Nothing to install or download

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