Referral Program

We often receive sign-ups that were recommended or referred by current users. Practice managers will mention to other managers at local or national meetings, or providers let their colleagues and business associates know about the wonderful benefits and features of that make coding and claim checking fast and easy.

Starting November 1, 2018, if you recommend or refer to colleagues, friends, and business associates you can earn $$$ applicable to your annual subscription, user licenses, our Ask! coding/billing question service, or any other products/services sold by Ellzey Coding Solutions, Inc.

Here's how it works...

1. Send your Referral Program Code (visible in the upper right hand corner of the screen below your name and subscription expiration date) once you are logged in with your username and password.

This is a 6 character code.

2. The new account/practice must include YOUR referral code when they register for their initial 30-day trial at:

Your referral code is unique to YOU.

3. If the new account/practice subscribes to before/after their 30-day trial is over, they will receive a first-year discount and we'll give your office/practice a $50 credit towards your next subscription renewal or any product Ellzey Coding Solutions sells. It's that simple.

Referral Program Rules

1. Referrals may only be made to new users, practices, providers, and accounts that have not subscribed within the past two years.

For example, you may not refer to another provider or staff member at your own practice, satellite office, or group-owned organization. (No self-referrals!}

2. The referral credit is only received if the referred contact subscribes to after signing up for a 30-day trial.

3. You may refer multiple clients per year to The more you refer that subscribe, the more credit you will earn.

4. Multiple users at your practice may not refer to the same new user/client/practice. In other words, if you have two or more users are your office/practice and they each refer to the same new office/practice, you will only receive one $50 credit if they subscribe!

5. The $50 referral fee is a future credit only and will not be applied towards previously paid subscriptions or product purchases.

6. The $50 referral fee is not payable in cash or as a refund or credit to your credit card.

7. Referral credits expire within one year (365 days) from when they are issued.

8. Ellzey Coding Solutions reserves the right to refuse/deny/terminate clients that abuse the referral system or for any reason.

If you have questions, or for program clarifications, call 1-855-326-3464 or email

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